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Daniel is an Award-Winning Playwright, Screenwriter, Award-Nominated Actor, Voice Over Artist and Novelist.  


As an Actor, he has played a wide variety of lead and character roles in various mediums, and has worked with a range of distinguished theatre companies.  As a Playwright, he has had plays produced throughout many areas of the U.S., as well as Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and London, England.   He is also Co-Founder/Artistic Director of  fandango 4 Art House.

Feel free to browse this page for recent and upcoming projects.


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This fall, fandango 4 Art House will be presenting Daniel's acclaimed solo play, ONE WITH THE CURRENT, after its premiere in the 2022 Dream Up Festival at Theatre for the New City and a special performance at New York Society for Ethical Culture's Adler Hall in January.
Sept 13th through Oct 8th,
at 36th Street Studio Theatre,
312 West 36th Street, 4th Fl.

Click on image for Tickets

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After appearing in the 2020 Queens World Film Festival (Best Narrative Short) and the 2020 Art of Brooklyn Festival, Daniel's screen adaptation of his one-act play, THE LEPERS, will at long last receive its first in-person screening as part of the 2023 Chain Film Festival in NYC, on August 5th at 8:30pm.

Click on image for tickets.

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In December, Daniel's stunning second novel was released in Ebook and Paperback, published by fandango 4 Art House.  Click on image to order.

"Deep and heavy on so many levels, hitting so many strong notes. Graphic Nature tells a compelling story with interesting, believable characters while delivering a nuanced message that’s both powerful and important. It also manages to involve the sagacity of life and death, love and loss, the sins of the father, and the indifference of God. You’ll want to read it sitting down."
- Sunday's Mail

"5 STARS - An Excellent Novel!" - The Authors Spot



WOMAN Front (Ebook Final 2-24-21) Smaller.jpg
104 Days Cover (FInal) - Exact measurement w spine back_edited.jpg
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Daniel's acclaimed debut novel,
was released in Ebook and Paperback
on March 15th, 2021,
by fandango 4 Art House.  

"...a humorous and uplifting story of perseverance and struggle against
the odds."
- Seattle Book Review

"Daniel Damiano has written an extraordinary novel."
- Notes from the City

"5 Stars! - A wonderful and realistic novel that keeps you wanting more."
-The Authors Spot

What Literary Fiction is all about."
- Sunday's Mail

(To order and see critical and reader reviews, click on the image or ask for it at your local bookstore.)

In September 2021,

fandango 4 Art House released

Daniel's first published collection of poetry, 104 DAYS OF  THE PANDEMIC,

available in Ebook and Paperback.

"This collection provides us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the emotions of the pandemic through an assortment of delicate and ferocious moments captured daily

since March."

- Creative Drive Podcast

"Lovely and very powerful."

- Notes from the City

(Click on image to purchase

or ask for it at your local bookstore.)

In September 2022,

fandango 4 Art House released PLAYS BY DANIEL  DAMIANO - Vol 1,

consisting of three of Daniel's acclaimed full-length plays:  Harmony Park, The Golden Year,

and The Dishonorable

Discharge of Private Pitts.

"4 STARS - HARMONY PARK is the kind of work that demands post-play conversation on the ride home and long after."

- Detroit Free Press

"...beautifully crafted."

- Times Square Chronicles


"THE DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE OF PRIVATE PITTS leaves a lasting and pressing impression."
- Theatre is Easy 

(Click on Image to Order -

also available at the Drama Bookshop in NYC and orderable at other local bookstores.)



Two of Daniel's latest poems,  They Were Always Nice to Hear, Anyway and Brooklyn Street, Sunset Park,

Early September will be published in the forthcoming issue of Curlew Quarterly, and two more recent poems,

You Can't Ask Friends to Help You Move Anymore and To an Absent Confessor, will be published in

the inaugural issue of Quagmire Magazine.



Daniel's one-act play THE SURVEY was a recent Finalist for the 2022 David Einhorn Memorial Playwriting Prize. 



 Daniel's play THE WILD BOAR was a recent Finalist for Dayton Playhouse's Futurefest 2022, and was a

previous Finalist for both the 2019 Woodward/Newman Drama Award and the 2019 Janet and Bruce Bunch

New Play Award.   It was also singled out as a favorite of Futurefest 2022 by :

"Assessing the festival, my favorite play was The Wild Boar, a fascinating, eerie, outside-the-box, unexpectedly moving, shouldn’t-work-but-does character study involving crisis and compassion. "



Arts Calling Icon.jpg
In September 2021, Daniel had the honor of being interviewed by Jaime Alejandro for his Arts Calling podcast, which covered a variety of engaging topics ranging from Daniel's work as an actor, playwright, novelist and poet, in addition to his recent publications, and the role of self-empowerment in the artistic landscape.   (Click on image to listen to this wonderful exchange.)

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