(with Production/Publication & Award History)


(2 Women, 6 Men)

An undistinguished policeman becomes one of four men assigned to guard President Lincoln, inadvertently becoming a part of one of history's most notorious events.  Based on actual events.



Semi-Finalist,  2020 Thomas Wolfe International Play Prize.

THE WILD BOAR  (Full Length)

(2 Women, 3 Men)

A newly retired teacher moves to a remote island, seeking nothing but solitude and serenity.  However, when a boar arrives at her house one day, an unlikely relationship develops, bringing about unexpected feelings from her past, while placing her at odds with the local authorities and the island's other inhabitants.


Finalist,  2019 Janet and Bruce Bunch New Play Award. Theatre Conspiracy.

Finalist, 2019 Woodward/Newman Drama Award, Bloomington Playwrights Project.


(4 Women, 4 Men)

A crisis of conscience prompts a famous reality and social media star to flee the comfort of her glitzy L.A. surroundings in pursuit of “depth” and soon finds herself in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit, where she is soon profoundly changed after seeing a local indy theatre company’s adaptation of a classic Russian epic.   

HARMONY PARK (Full Length)

(4 Men)

Set on the construction site of a soon-to-be public park in Queens, NY, the friendship between a black foreman and a younger white landscaper is tested when a newly hired crew member's past is revealed. 


March-May 2018, World Premier with Detroit Repertory Theatre, MI. 

Finalist, Kitchen Dog Theatre New Works Festival, 2017. 

MEET THE EARTH  (Full Length)

(2 Women, 4 Men)

A recently retired businessman resorts to highly unusual methods in order to re-connect with a fading humanity.



THE VAGRANT  (Full Length)

(3 Women, 4 Men)

A mentally-imbalanced drifter arrives in a small town, while police try and assess who he is. At the same time, a young woman wrestles with self-discovery, while attempting to preserve her Grandmother's fading memory.


Semi-Finalist, The Road Theatre Summer Play Festival, 2018.


THE GOLDEN YEAR  (Full Length)

(1 Woman, 1 Man, *1 Man Voice Only)


A newly retired Long Island couple suddenly face unexpected challenges which serve to test not only their marriage, but their collective sanity.



June 2013, World Premier with the WorkShop Theater Company (Mainstage), Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan.


(4 Women, 4 Men - Doubling)

A young Texas girl goes from “miracle child” to aimless rebel, into the throes of the Iraq War…and beyond.


November 2015, World Premier with fandango 4 Art House, IATI Theatre, NYC, Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan.

DAY OF THE DOG (Full Length)

(1 Woman, 2 Men)

Published by Broadway Play Publishing (Click on Image >)

A South Florida couple obtains the services of a somewhat enigmatic Canine Relations Specialist in order to curb the violent behavior of their dog Carrot, but gradually learn that a dog is merely a reflection of their household.


March 2014, NY Premier with St. Louis Actors' Studio, 59E59 Theatre in NYC.

March 2013, World Premier with St. Louis Actors' Studio, Directed by Milton Zoth.

Best New Play Nominee, St. Louis Theatre Critics Circle Award, 2013.

Kitchen Dog New Works Festival, 2008.




(4 Women, 6 Men - Doubling)


The mid-life and times of Edmond de Capitoir, a once-anonymous executioner in 1913 France who, while shyly pursuing a young patisserie clerk in Versailles, struggles against his sudden notoriety.



Finalist, Fulton Theatre Discovery Project Award, 2012.




(2 Women, 4 Men)


The mysterious disappearance of a small North Jersey family’s matriarch results in a father (JESSE) attempting to maintain hope and sanity in a progressively hopeless and insane household, which includes his increasingly rebellious, rap-spouting 16-year old son (MAX) and demented mother-in-law (FRETTA), who spends her days reciting a grocery list and reminiscing about her deceased dog.  But as abnormality has become the norm of their existence, both reality and surreality begin to gradually intervene, which, in one way or another,…will change them.


April/May 2007, World Premier with Abingdon Theatre Comany, NYC, Directed by Kim Sharp.

**Winner of the 2004 Christopher Brian Wolk Award, 

*Finalist, Playwrights First Award (National Arts Club), 2009.


*Archived in the Billy Rose Theatre WIng of the NY Performing Arts Library.




(2 Women, 7 Men)


It is “Sometime” in Corporate America.  The economy is the worst in the country’s history.  Animals are rapidly becoming extinct.  A minute is no longer 60 seconds.  There are “Superiors”, “Inferiors” and those who are “Branded”.


After a near fatal heart attack, resulting in an “epiphany” of sorts, MR. ALBERTSON, The Company’s Owner & President, has, in a rash business decision, named the underqualified (and closet artist) BERGER to head the operations of The Company for no reason other than that he is “alphabetically next” and that he has agreed to marry Albertson’s lonely, sex-starved daughter.  Eventually, HARRINGTON, resentful of being passed up, leads a staff revolt, overthrowing BERGER and thus moving himself up in the ranks while ALBERTSON travels the world, oblivious. In the process, HARRINGTON inherits everything that was once BERGER’s, leaving the latter doomed to live in the park amongst the “likes of the lowly”.  Soon HARRINGTON is hailed as the savior of the once faltering company, and seemingly of Albertson’s daughter, eventually becoming a law unto himself…until…complications ensue.



February 2010, World Premier with Fresh Baked Theatre Company, Los Angeles.

*Finalist, 2008 Y.E.S. Festival of New Plays Award



THE OLD WIFE'S TALE   (Full-Length)

(2 Women, 2 Men)


Two months after Frank has lost his voice, coupled with suddenly debilitating arthritis, his wife Celeste nevertheless presses on with her plans to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, joined by their daughter from New York and an old friend from Florida, both whose issues serve to cast a larger spotlight on Celeste and Frank, thus turning their Golden Anniversary festivities into a most unsettling turn of events.




(1 Woman, 1 Man)


JOHN gets a call at three in the morning from ALICIA, a woman living in Los Angeles who is a complete stranger to him.  Desperate to save her alcoholic and drug-addled boyfriend (the friendless & unseen ROD), ALICIA has spotted JOHN’s number in ROD’s nearly blank address book, noticing that it is a number from ROD’s home state of New Jersey and, therefore, assumes that he is an old friend or at least an acquaintance of sorts who can possibly serve as a sobering element.  Eventually, JOHN, having absolutely no idea who ROD is but feeling “compelled” nonetheless, ventures out to L.A. in the hopes that the experience may atleast prove helpful to his own sheltered existence.  For ALICIA, JOHN’s presence brings with it the hope that it will enlighten ROD and thus strengthen a relationship which she feels has been, in some way,…destined.



March 2003, World Premier with fandango 4 productions at Abingdon Theatre on Theatre Row, NYC.  Directed by the Author.



(2 Women, 1 Man)


RITA & LUCY are stepsisters residing under the same roof, in the same small Texas town, since birth.  In the 10-year aftermath of their mutual mother’s suicide, RITA, the elder of the two, is a single, unemployed substitute English teacher, currently approaching a 2-year affair with a married junior-high school basketball coach (EMMIT).  LUCY, on the other hand, is an aspiring singer/songwriter, currently working as a waitress in a topless doughnut shop while suffering from writer’s block and, at the same time, remaining frankly contemptuous of what RITA deems as more sound aspirations.  A contempt that goes deeper than either sibling is initially conscious of, yet one that will eventually unveil itself with startling results.



1998, World Premier with Mutt Repp, NYC.  Directed by Liz Ortiz Mackes.

*OOBR Critics Choice Award for Excellence



VERY GOOD TOAST/ALWAYS A PLEASURE   (2 Companion One-Acts - 2013)

(2 Women, 2 Men)


In VGT, Amanda visits her mother (Mum)  in her North London home requesting a favor, which ultimately challenges their relationship.  Taking place at the same time as VGT, in ALWAYS, Reggie (Amanda’s ex-hubby/current boyfriend) reconnects with his father (Pop) whom he has been estranged from since childhood.



THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE (An Evening of 7 Short Works)


A collection of 7 short plays, centering on the themes of Memory, Loss, Memory loss, Love,  Fate, Death & Marriage.



September 2011, Produced by fandango 4 productions and Mind The Gap Theatre Company, NYC.

AMERICAN TRANQUILITY  (Solo Play - Also Performer)

(1 Man)

A southern retiree, an Iranian poet/percussionist, a talk-radio show host and a Brooklyn existentialist reflect on the human divide in 21st Century America.


Jan-Feb 2020, revival at East Village Playhouse, NYC, produced by fandango 4 Art House.

July 2019, DC Premier as part of the Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, D.C.

October 2018, revival at East Village Playhouse, NYC, produced by fandango 4 Art House.

April 2018, revived as part of the Downtown Urban Arts Festival, Theatre 80, NYC. (Runner-up -BestPlay)

January 2018, revived at the PIT Loft, NYC.

November 2017, Premiered at the PIT Loft as part of SOLOCOM 2017, NYC.

September 2017, Workshop performance, produced by fandango 4 Art House, Alchemical Theatre Lab, NYC.


(2 Women)

A woman agrees to partake in a "simple survey", but discovers it to be unexpectedly probing.


(2 Women, I Man)

In an afterschool detention at an unnamed high school, a newly arrived teacher (Ms. Colón)

strives to maintain order between two very different students.


(2 Women, 3 Men)

In 17th Century England, a man claims to be King, while sitting on a throne within the town square. However, it is when he is questioned by the local townspeople that not only ignites a debate but, inadvertently, invokes a potentially ominous regime.


Staged (Zoom) Reading, as part of fandango 4 Art House's Snippet Theatre Series, May 2020.

Finalist, Red Bull Theatre's Short Play Festival, 2017.

THE LEPERS (10-Min & One-Act)

(1 Woman, 1 Man)

On a cold New York City night in January of 2017, Vin and Vanessa attempt to keep each other's spirits up, while in the early stages of their recovery.


May-June 2019, World Premier with Ensemble Studio Theatre Marathon, NYC (One-Act Version).  Directed by Matthew Penn.

July 2017, presented as part of the Sheen Center's Festival of Catholic Playwrights, NYC. (Staged Reading)

January 2017, presented as part of Urban Stages' January Plays Festival, NYC.  (Staged Reading)



(1 Woman /6 Men -Doubling)


An absurdist depiction of the conspiracy by a group of enraged Catholics to blow up the House of Lords and kill King James I.

C U T  (Short Play)

(2 Men)


Set in a maximum security prison barber shop, a long-time inmate/barber attempts to expand the mind of a younger inmate, recently denied parole.



July 2013, Regional Premier in Neil Labute's 1st Annual New Play Festival, St. Louis Actors' Studio.  Directed by Steve Woolf.

December 2011, World Premier as part of Cold Snaps 2011, WorkShop Theater Company, NYC. Directed by Paula D'Alessendris.

*Finalist, 2012 Arts & Letters Prize.




(2 Women)


Centered thinking is put to the test when two English women, seemingly friends, share a polite cup of tea.



November 2017, US Revival, Theatre of Light, Little Theare, Directed by Benjamin Viertel, NYC.

April 2015, US Revival, Mind The Gap Theatre Company's Brit Bits 8, Directed by Paula D'Alessandris, NYC.

October 2014, UK Premier produced by Encompass Productions, at the Take Courage Theatre, London, England.

September 2011, World Premier as part of The World is My Cheesecake (see above), NYC.




(1 Woman, 3 Men)


An employer relays the desperate financial situation of his company to members of his staff and offers an unusual alternative to laying them off.



2009, World Premier with Gallery Players Theatre, Black Box Festival, NYC.




(4 Women)

Published in the 2009 Estrogenius Anthology (Click on image >)


In late 18th Century England, at a café near Hyde Park, the currently offended Mrs. Cartwell divulges to her friend and co-conspirator in gossip (Mrs. Wholewig) of an offense she has recently overheard, which brings about in her a previously unforeseen hostility.  Loosely based on an actual occurrence.



October 2009, NYC Premier, Estrogenius Festival, 2009, NYC.  Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan.

July 2009, World Premier at the Old Opera House Theatre Company, WV, Silver Stage Award Winner.




(2 Men)


A man undergoes an examination to assess if he suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder or “a neurological deficiency of some kind”, but ends up learning more than his diagnosis.



September 2011, US Revival  as part of THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE (See Above).

August 2008, West Coast Premier with Eclectic Company Theatre (CA).

June 2007, World Premier in Gallery Players 10th Annual Black Box Festival. (One-Act Version)  

Also Directed.

*Finalist, Nor’Eastern One-Act Play Festival, 2009.




(1 Woman, 2 Men)


A Mexican entrepreneur is taken into custody by two federal agents on the grounds of “reasonable suspicion”.



April/May 2008, NYC Premier with Howling Moon Cab Company in NYC. (Also Directed).

February 2007, World Premier in Teatro del Pueblo's 6th Annual Political Theatre Festival in St. Paul, Minnesota.

SPELL   (One-Act & 10-Minute Version)

(1 Woman/1 Man)

10-Minute Version Published in the 2010 Northwest Playwrights Alliance Anthology, published by Western Washington University.


ALBERT and ELSA sit in their wheelchairs, gazing out, as per their usual routine.  On this day, ALBERT tells ELSA that he has been diagnosed with a fatal illness that he cannot pronounce. ELSA soon recalls an obscure Hindu practice which claims that if you can spell your disease, you can cure yourself of that illness, while forgetting that she too has been diagnosed with a fatal illness, which Albert reminds her of.  Can this “myth”, as Albert concludes, ultimately be what saves them?



September 2011, US Revival  as part of THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE (See Above).

July 2008, US Premier in Algonquin Production's 1st One-Act Festival, July 2008.  (Also Directed)

February 2006, Short & Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia.

December 2005, Short & Sweet Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

Publication:  10-Minute Version Published in the NWPA 2010 10-Min Play Anthology.




(2 Men)


Published in Attic Theatre’s Online Play Anthology -


PHELPS is about to travel to the hottest tourist spot, but must learn the language in order to assimilate with the natives.  However, through the course of his absurdly brief tutorial, drastic changes take place which steadily alter the culture…and his mindset.



May 2016, Indiana Players, Indiana, PA.  Directed by Kathleen Kerns.

September 2005, West Coast Premier, Attic Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA.   (*Grand Prize Winner)

June 2005, World Premier in Gallery Players Black Box Festival.  Directed by Heather Siobhan Curran.


Online Publication:  Attic Theatre's Play Anthology, 2008.



S T A Y  (One Act)

(2 Men)


A meeting of two acquaintances, or so it first appears.  One of whom, GUY, alleges that he has something of utmost importance to reveal to the other, GILBERT.  But is there anything to tell or is this simply a ploy to contain GILBERT?  What ultimately holds GILBERT in place may be the only truth.



September 2011, US Revival  as part of THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE (See Above).  (Also Directed)

November 2009, Where Eagles Dare Short Play Lab.  (Also Directed)

April 2003, World Premier, Brass Tacks Theatre Company, Creative Place Theatre.  Directed by Laura Schutzel.




(1 Woman, 4 Men)


A posh restaurant, wherein HUSBAND & WIFE have arrived in anticipation of a famed dessert; “The Marble Cheesecake”.  Yet what they find is that their initial desire is not to be obtained without complications, as per the unwritten policy of the dining establishment.  What soon becomes a battle of principles between the couple and the obstinate staff eventually progresses into the pressures of conforming and, in the end, the validity of the couple’s own bond.


September 2011, US Revival  as part of THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE (See Above). Directed by Paula D'Alessandris.

June 2004, World Premier in Gallery Players Black Box Festival.  




(2 Women)


A brief bus ride encounter with an older, wiser and seemingly intuitive stranger (WOMAN) leads one (LAURA), a motivational speaker, to question her own ingrained character…at the expense of self-assurance and personal safety.



September 2011, US Revival  as part of THE WORLD IS MY CHEESECAKE (See Above).  (Also Directed)

2000, World Premier with Pulse Ensemble, NYC.



(3 Men) *All African-American Characters


FREDDIE is a drummer, currently suffering from a sort of musical paralysis.  This, for the past year anyway, has assisted in confining him within the low-grade apartment building…maintained by his father, EDGAR.  FREDDIE has since resigned himself to virtual inactivity until his skills resurge.  Until then, he will wait or, at best, attempt to teach as a means of reminding himself that he is, first and foremost, a supreme master of rhythm.  These views, however, clash sufficiently with those of his father, with whom FREDDIE has long since had turbulent relations, a relationship that becomes somewhat paralleled by the arrival of GERARD, Freddie’s sole pupil.



THE HYENAS GOT IT DOWN: Tales of Savagery, Depravity & Other Acts of Love 

(Solo Play - Also Performer)


A darkly comedic depiction of 4 disparate individuals (played by one actor) who, in one way or another, relay and reflect on the bizarre experiences which have ultimately made them who they are, for better…or much, much worse.



March/April 2012, WorkShop Theatre Company, NYC.  Directed by Aaron Gonzalez.

July 2010, Midtown International Theatre Festival, NYC.  (*2 MITF Award Nominations -- Best Production & Outstanding Actor)  

April 2009, Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Winterfest, NYC.  Directed by Aaron Gonzalez.

September 2008, Workshop Premier at 78th Street Theatre Lab, NYC.  Directed by Aaron Gonzalez


I AM, I WAS, I'M NOT...IN LOVE  (Solo Play - 2013)


A solo piece focusing on the timeless theme of the L word and its place in the lives of 4 disparate women.



February 2014, Workshop at the Drama Bookshop's Arthur Seelen Theatre, fandango 4 Art House, NYC.





Co-Artistic Director/Founder of fandango 4 Art House, Member of The Dramatists Guild, Inc., Member of Mind The Gap Theatre Company in NYC and the League of Independent Theatres. Solo Performance Instructor at The Acting Studio, NYC.   Teaching Artist at the Boys' Club NYC.  Two-time Guest Artist, Cornell University.  Former Instructor for Playwriting Workshop at Brooklyn Public Library (Grand Army Plaza), Former Teacher of Playwriting for summer workshop as part of Acting Out! (based in Brooklyn, NY.)  Attendee at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in June 2008 & 2009, Former Associate Member of Abingdon Theatre Company’s Playwrights Group, Former Associate Member of The New Group Playwrights Unit (NYC) and the WorkShop Theater Company.  Former Teaching Artist with The Knowledge Project (Teaching Playwriting & Shakespeare to Junior High school students at PS 75 in Bronx, NY).  Studied Acting, Voice, Movement and Theatre History at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC.


Awards & Nominations


Christopher Brian Wolk Award Winner (Abingdon Theatre Company, NY), 2004. - Dreams of Friendly Aliens

Silver Stage Award, (Old Opera House Theatre Company, VA),  2009. - The Enlightenment of Mrs. Cartwell

OOBR Critics Choice for Excellence (NY), ‘98/99 - The Offspring of Lorraine

Grand Prize from Attic Theatre Ensemble, CA, 2005. - Bon Voyage, Mr. Phelps!

Producers Choice, Estrogenius Festival (NY), 2009. - The Enlightenment of Mrs. Cartwell


Semi-Finalist, Thomas Wolfe International Prize (2020) - John Frederick Parker Leaves at Intermission
Finalist, Woodward/Newman Drama Award, BPP (2019) - The Wild Boar

Finalist,  Janet and Bruce Bunch New Play Award, Theatre Conspiracy (2019) - The Wild Boar

Finalist, Red Bull Theatre's Short Play Festival (2017) - The King of Something

Finalist, Kitchen Dog Theatre New Works Festival (2017) - Harmony Park

Best New Play Nominee, St. Louis Theatre Circle Award (2013) - Day of the Dog

2-time Finalist for the Playwrights First Award (NY) - Dreams of Friendly Aliens & Day of the Dog

Finalist for the Y.E.S Festival of New Plays Award (Univ. of Northern Kentucky) - The Narrow World

Finalist for the Fulton Theatre Discovery Project Award (PA) - Graphic Nature

2-time MITF Award Nominee (NY, Best Actor & Production) - The Hyenas Got It Down

Semi-Finalist, Road Theatre Summer Play Festival (2018) - The Vagrant

Best Play Runner-Up, Downtown Urban Arts Festival (2018) - American Tranquility


*Archived in the Billy Rose Theatre Wing of the New York Performing Arts Library - 

Dreams of Friendly Aliens.






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