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IT STARES BACK (Short Story Narration Sa
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          Daniel narrating Vanity Fair's
          How Horror Movies Have Gotten Scarier
            Click on the image to hear.

Excerpt from Daniel's narration of Luke Taylor's Short Story,
It Stares Back.

 *Click on the image to hear Daniel's 
acclaimed performance as Dr.Max Finlayson in Episode 4 of LIMETOWN.

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*Click on the image to hear Daniel's featured performance as Lt. Anton Williams in the pilot episode for the 2018 Sarah Award-winning VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION.

Acclaim for Daniel's performance in LIMETOWN;

"While the work as a whole is impeccable, the writing and performance for the eccentric scientist Max Finlayson has always stuck out as a high point. Finlayson is written as jaunty and cocky, the sort of self-assured Neil deGrasse Tyson type who would be killer on interviews but a horror to be around. As the episode goes on, the listener finds other sides of him that are always surprising. Much of this is conveyed through Daniel Damiano’s performance, which somehow manages to be both authentic and performative in exactly the way a character like Finlayson would be. Between Finlayson’s crass jokes and perfectly-timed piano chords, it would feel over-written if not for Damiano’s infectiously, believably charismatic acting."  - Wil Williams Reviews

"Two performances have really stuck with me since hearing them: a wry former scientist played by Daniel Damiano, who gives an incredibly vivid yet clinical description of a massive social and scientific experiment gone horrifically wrong, and an ex-administrator for the research facility played by Lenore Wolf."  - Waypoint


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