This page covers some of Daniel's published plays and poetry, in addition to his work

as an illustrator and photographer.  He has had cartoon panels published in Backstage, Downsized Living and elsewhere, and poetry published in Cloudbank, HotMetal Press, Newtown Literary Journal, New Voices Anthology, and most recently in Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine.  He was a Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee in 2012.   

Daniel has also been hired for adaptation and dramaturgical work.  

If you are interested in contacting Daniel for such work, feel free to send a message through the Contact page or visit

Published Work 


DOG BPP Front Small.jpg
New Voices Anthology 2016,
containing poems
"The Gospel According to
St. Dominic's",
"Possible Side Effects" and
"In Loving Memory of a Pharmacist I Barely Knew".

Cloudbank Volume 3 -

containing poems

"Within the Depths of New York Harbor"

and "Morning Glory"-


      Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine (2018) , 

                       containing poems

         "Port Authority, December 2016" and

       "Within the Depths of New York Harbor".

DAY OF THE DOG, published by 

Broadway Play Publishing, 2018

Estrogenius 2009 -containing Daniel's acclaimed one-act play, THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF MRS. CARTWELL


Newtown Literary Journal -

Issue 1 -

containing Daniel's poems

"I-Pods Have Ruined the Panhandling Industry",

"A Stranger Among Them",

"If the Pigeons Vanished from the Streets of New York City..." and "Just Another Day in the City". 



     Last Frontier Theatre Conference

            Monologues  2009-2012 -

                   containing Maya. 


Newtown Literary Journal -

Issue 4 - containing Daniel's 

"Two MuggingRevisited".  





                                A Short Slide Film from the Pushcart Nominated Poem

                                                         by Daniel Damiano


         (The poem is published in the 2012 inaugural edition of the Newtown Literary Journal)